Add a Touch of Nature to Your Home With Custom Wood Blinds

Add a hint of nature to your home with durable, timeless Custom Wood Blinds. They come in a range of natural colors and are easily customized to fit your aesthetic.

Optional torn cloth bands of fabric conceal ladder cording, enhancing privacy and light control. Not available on 1 wood binds. Read on to know more.


Real wood blinds can withstand a lot of use and provide you with years of reliable service. The slats have thicker materials than plastic blinds, offering more insulation and protecting you from bright sunlight and prying eyes. When closed, they create a powerful blackout effect, which is great for exceptionally hot or cold days, as well as when you’re watching movies at home with your family and friends.

A wide selection of paints and stains makes it easy to customize your wooden blinds for a look that coordinates with the rest of your home decor. Wooden blinds are also a great energy-efficient option, helping to keep your interior temperature-controlled and keeping the cold air in during Summer and the warm air in during Winter.

If you live in a humid climate, however, it’s best to choose faux wood blinds instead of natural wood ones. Natural wood can absorb moisture and is prone to warping.


Wood blinds can be customized with a wide range of colors and slat sizes to suit any room’s style. Pair them with wooden furniture for a cohesive look, or use light-colored shades to create an open feel in small spaces. The thick slats of wood blinds provide more insulation than traditional plastic window treatments, keeping cold air inside during the Winter and warm air inside during the Summer. You can also add a motor to your wood blinds to allow you to raise and lower them with the touch of a button.

Whether you choose genuine or faux (alternative) wood, your wood blinds will be able to resist moisture and mildew, making them an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens. They can even be paired with decorative tapes to cover the routed holes in each slat, creating an added level of privacy and security in areas where children and pets may be present. They are a popular option for wide windows and doors because they can be coordinated with matching shutters.

Energy Efficiency

Wood blinds are airtight and can help to keep conditioned air inside your home during the summer and warm air in the winter. Their natural insulating properties also reduce solar heat gain. These window treatments can significantly cut your energy costs and are a great choice for reducing your carbon footprint.

Their thick slats provide more insulation than plastic blinds and protect against the sun’s harsh rays as well as prying eyes. When closed, they create a powerful blackout effect that’s ideal on extremely hot days or for movie time with friends and family.

Real wood blinds can be trimmed for width and height, giving you the flexibility to tailor them to your windows and home decor. Their wide selection of paints and stains allows you to go from subdued to vibrant, while routeless slats offer an additional layer of safety. You can also choose from various control options to seamlessly integrate them with your home function, like a double cord or wand lift for simple operation, or a cordless construction that provides tangle-free slat movement.


Wood blinds are built to fit windows of any size and shape for optimal function and insulation. Their slats are thicker and heavier than conventional plastic blinds, making them more durable against harsh sun rays and prying eyes.

Whether you opt for genuine or faux (alternative) wood, these window blinds add classic warmth to any room and pair seamlessly with nearly all decor styles. Customize your wood blinds with a wide range of color and stain options to create the ideal look for any space.

Upgrade your wood blinds with extras like rounded corners and routeless slats, an option that eliminates visible cord holes for increased privacy. Our design consultants are happy to go over all your options and recommend upgrades that best suit your home’s needs. Schedule your free consultation today! Continue reading the next article.